1:56 am - Wednesday June 28, 2017

When AR Rahman Got Angry…


2 time Oscar winner AR Rahman is known for his soft nature. In spite of enjoying a huge fan following across the globe, Rahman is always grounded and he thanks the Almighty for everything. Here, we are referring about an incident that took place at an event in Mumbai.

AR Rahman was invited as a chief guest for the event and while entering into the auditorium, a journalist asked, “How do you feel when people say that you are the next Ilayaraja?”.

Rahman was surprised and he immediately said, “Never say that again. Nobody can replace Raja (Ilayaraja) sir. Please don’t ask such stupid questions just to get something from me“.

Organisers of that event immediately entered into the scene and asked that TV journalist to leave the auditorium.

Event managers apologised to Rahman and promised that such things won’t happen in future.

Source: http://www.gulte.com/movienews/37554/When-AR-Rahman-Got-Angry-

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