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Vere Vazhi Ille – Audio Launch and Appreciation Gala


After a huge success of ‘Vetti Pasanga’ (Useless folks), Veedu Production Sdn. Bhd is back in action
again to produce another film, ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’ (No Way Out). Started with ‘Vilaiyaatu Pasange” (Playful
Folks), which is a romantic-comedy, then ‘Vetti Pasange’, a family-drama and now ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’, which
is a horror-comedy will be hitting the silver screens on 2nd July 2015 nationwide. Massive acceptance on
both their movies directed by Vimala Perumal (Vilaiyaatu Pasange & Vetti Pasanga) was a clear sign that
the third one will prevail with better reception.


‘Vere Vazhi Ille’ (No Way Out) is a movie to be watched by people from all walks of society. The
production line headed by Lim Chiew Yet as the Executive Producer, and produced by the enchanting
Denes Kumar who also the main actor in the movie and Vimala Perumal, the most promising female
director we have in the industry and directed by M.S Prem Nath, a well-known Editor who is also the
Editor for both their movies previously.


The ‘Audio Launch and Appreciation Gala’ was held  recently at Mid Valley Exhibition
Centre in conjunction with 13th Global Indian Festival on 3rd June 2015. It was officiated by YB Datuk
Seri Maglin Dennis D’Cruz. The event  showcased movie tracks and songs from the film for the first
time to the public and as an appreciation to all the cast and crewmembers that have worked hard for the
making of the movie. Not forgetting the valuable sponsors and important personnel whom have supported
and contributed to this community film.


Regarding the audio album of ‘VERE VAZHI ILLE’, the music director of the movie is Daddy Shaq. The
process of producing the songs for the movie took from discussion on the concept with the producer and
director until the final recordings. The lyricist consists of Maney Villainz, Psychomantra, Viveck-Ji and
Stylomannavan. Singers for the melody song who is attempting a first time debut for movie songs, Badma
(new-comer) and Shastan Kurup who is a popular singer in Malaysia. The lineup for theme song is none
other than Psychomantra, Stylomannava, Queen (new-comer) and Daddy Shaq himself who is also the
composer for both the songs. Love song titled, “Anbe Nee Pothum” will appear in the movie while “Vere
Vazhi Ille” Theme Song will be used as a promotional soundtrack, which will be used for publicity and
promotional purposes. Adding to the list is minus one with lyrics included for the pleasure of the fans who
love to karaoke and for instrumental lovers. The CD album will also include another 13 Malaysian hits
from famous singers such as Psychomantra, Kashika Selvam, Neshman, Goldfinger, Mr. 5K and etc.
With all the good impulsion to produce an entertaining movie to Malaysian audience, it is hoped that the
movie will be a success just like previous one.

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