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Vennira Iravuggal soars high!

Vennira Iravuggal

The first Tamil movie to be filmed in Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar, Vennira Iravuggal (English: White Night) has been setting the bar high for Malaysian-produced Tamil films. With the strong growth of locally produced Tamil movies in recent times, Vennira Iravuggal is another feather in the cap for the Malaysian Tamil movie industry. Having been selected for a special screening in the recent Norway Tamil Film Festival, the movie has been hitting all the right notes.

Vaseeharan Sivalingam, the founder of the Norway Tamil Film Festival, mentioned that Vennira Iravuggal was selected to be screened as it was the first Tamil film to be filmed in Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar and the screening of the film is likely to attract the interest of the Tamil Diaspora in Europe.

Vennira Iravuggal 2

The Malaysian Tamil romantic comedy film was written, directed and produced by R. Perakas with his production house – Shine Entertainment. Multi-talented Magen or also known as Vikadakavi of PSYCHO.unit plays the lead role in this film alongside Sangeetha Krishnasamy. Also starring in the romantic comedy is Psychomantra, David Anthony, Aruna, Kanchana, Logan, Myanmar’s Steel and Larmin Andrea and Singapore’s Mathi and Ruben.

Vennira 3

The movie was also chosen for a special screening in Oslo, London and Berlin through the Norway Tamil Film Festival. What makes Vennira Iravuggal unique is this is the first Tamil film to be shot in Myanmar for the first time in its history. The movie revolves around a hidden love and it is set to highlight the rich diversity and culture of Malaysians, Singaporeans and Burmese Indians through the concept unity in diversity.

Vennira 4

The makers of the film have stated that they are making efforts to release the film in Canada, Australia, South Africa, London (England), Myanmar and Singapore after receiving positive feedback from the special screening in the Norway Tamil Film Festival.

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