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Vennira Iravuggal set to hit nationwide cinemas on March 6

Vennira-Iravuggal-CoverWritten by Suthersan Mahathma @ Arasan MyTamilChannel writer

One of the most anticipated films in Malaysia,

This directorial debut of filmmaker R.Perakas was a little bit different from what I expected. I wasn’t aware of the story, which portrays the Romance-Travel effects of two campus sweethearts.

It was interesting scratch on the surface of film with money being the reason for the Lead Actress to travel in search of someone she never wanted meet again in her lifetime.
Of course she finds him, and the journey begins.

This movie tells a little on young campus love life but mostly emphasized on the travel between the lead roles played by Magendran Raman and Sangeetha Krishnasamy.
For the creators – the importance of having the required flashback at perfect moments, to ensure every scene is understood and not regarded as an unnecessary one by the audience.

The entire film being recorded in Live Sound is definitely creditable.
However a little attention should have been given to the BGM in the editing process, as some of them were thrown in a little too loud being hard on the ears.

Shot in 3 countries and designed beautifully, with wonderful acting by Magendran and Sangeetha. One of the best scripts, potentially, ever written. The dialogue and humour and raw emotion of the film is good from beginning to end, which will make you to watch the film a second time.. Surely..

A Simple Story of Romance told differently…

Official Theatrical Trailer: VENNIRA IRAVUGGAL (வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்) – http://mytamilchannel.com/official-theatrical-trailer-vennira-iravugga/

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