6:33 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil

Tamilselvi, a Tamil educated Tamil, refuses to speak Tamil! She wants noting to with it! Why?

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil’ is not only about Tamil; it is about Malayalam, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi. It is about INDIANS in general.

It reveals SOME secrets about Indians. It looks at the attitude of some Indians towards their mother tongues, their love for the English language and for some die hard Indians, their hate towards Indian who speak only English.

It brings out to the open, a topic which is never discussed – the difference between only mother tongue speakers and only English speakers. Not only that, it teachers Tamil to Tamil school teachers!

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil’ is a standup comedy NOT a drama. It pokes fun at some Indians. If you are sensitive, you may cry.

It is written, directed and produced by an English theatre activist, Morgan.

Show details:

Date & time: 14th & 15th January @12pm, 4pm, 8pm

Venue: Indicine, klpac


RM28 (Adult)
RM18 (students, senior citizens and disabled)
RM15 flat for tickets purchased made in December for CINE FASHION magazine readers.
Bring along your December edition of the magazine as proof. One magazine holder is entitled to 2 tickets only.
VALID ONLY FOR Friday 12 noon show.
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