10:47 am - Sunday April 30, 2017

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Movie Premiere: VERE VAZHI ILLE

Their first and second films took the local Tamil community by storm. Nobody predicted how massive and powerful can the introductory and experimental movie be, given the current situation of deflating movie goers and movie products especially...

Vere Vazhi Ille – Audio Launch and Appreciation Gala

After a huge success of ‘Vetti Pasanga’ (Useless folks), Veedu Production Sdn. Bhd is back in action again to produce another film, ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’ (No Way Out). Started with ‘Vilaiyaatu Pasange” (Playful Folks), which is a romantic-comedy,...

En Veettu Thottathil (EVT) Teaser | Karthik Shamalan

The movie is written and directed by Karthik Shamalan, while music is composed by Shameshan Mani Maran. My Tamil Channel wishes Karthik and the entire team a great success in En Veettu Thottathil

Interview with Praboo T. Arivananthan | KID The Movie

KID unfolds the story of Jarrel who is also a victim of a tragic yet unlucky case. But this time, who’s court will the ball be at ? The prey? Or the predator himself? What is that “something” which plunges a man into a pool of...

Trailer: Maya Roobanggal | A Martin Raj Shortfilm

Maya Roobanggal is a psychological thriller which follows Noel an individual who is in pursuit of success. All hell breaks loose one day when he crosses path with a stranger who in turn steals his identity. Written & Directed by: MARTIN...