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Vere Vazhi Ille – Audio Launch and Appreciation Gala

After a huge success of ‘Vetti Pasanga’ (Useless folks), Veedu Production Sdn. Bhd is back in action again to produce another film, ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’ (No Way Out). Started with ‘Vilaiyaatu Pasange” (Playful Folks), which is a romantic-comedy,...

DJ Jolly’s Club Mix – Malaysian REMIX

Blend of Malaysian Artistes songs. 1. Yogi B Natchatra 2. No Entry 3. Mista Gee 4. Kavithai Gundar 5. Young Ruff 6. Boomerangx – Coco Nantha 7. Chakrasonic – Vivek Ji 8. Masta K 9. Daddy Shaq 10. Amigoz Sugu 11. Shantra 12. Roshan...

Official Theatrical Trailer: VENNIRA IRAVUGGAL (வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்)

வெண்ணிற இரவுகள் – Vennira Iravuggal (English: White Nights) is a Malaysian Tamil Romantic comedy film written, directed and produced by R Perakas Rajaram. Starring Magen aka Vikadakavi in the lead role with...
Harie G Yen Penne

Harie G’s Yen Penne

The man behind many infectious tracks such as Ennavaley, Fisherman, Mazhaiye Mazhaiye, Sollamal Varumo and many more is back once again. Saran Z is the composer behind Harie G’s latest single titled Yen Penne featuring Gowri Arumugam...

Photo Gallery: Vetti Pasanga Audio Launch

Photographer: Moments Picture The audio album of VETTI PASANGA, the music director for the movie is Daddy Shaq and there two music composers involved; Dhilip Varman and Psychomantra whose beautiful touch seems to suit the flow of the story and...