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Shakti Returns – Dasamahavidya * Divinity * Dynamic* Destruction

10 Vidyas resides in every women…She is Kamala ( The one dwells in prosperity), Tripurasundari ( The most beautiful in three worlds) , Bhuvaneswary ( The mother Earth) Tara ( Justice) , Bhairaivi ( The Fighter) , Matangi ( The Educator),...
my pongal

My Ponggal Festival 2015

Presented by Central Market Kuala Lumpur , Malaysian Performing Arts Society (ASTANA) , Persatuan Thirukkural Perak (PTA), Malaysian Young Leaders Association (MYLA) with noble support of ASC Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd. Activities 2.00pm...
Syamasundara  (17)

Photo Gallery: Syamasundara – In which darkness you’re hiding ?

Photographer: G2 Photograph – Gunaseelan A 1 1/2 hour productions that depicts variety of Indian Classical dance , Fusion , Bollywood and Contemporary by Malaysian Leading choreographers such Geethashankaran Lam ( Odissi). Guruvayur Usha...

Naduvan The Final Judgement

Ticket price RM 50.00 and for further info please call 03-22785555 or 012-6966407 Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/373052099443775/

KL Navarathiri Arts Festival 2012

Kl Navarathiri Arts Festival banner is inspired from Navadurgas. Asthana Arts gave new perspective in urban world , by re-emerging the 9 maidens in a contemporary setting. Sham Mita as Shailaputri the daughter of Himalaya .She is portayed...