2:20 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

Sujeeth G is back with Ella Naalum

Sujeeth G, the rapping lyricist, has released his latest music video – Ella Naalum. The first Tamil rapper based in UK, Sujeeth G is known for his aggressive vocals and poetic lyrics. Having already released 4 albums, the latest being Raavannan in 2011, Sujeeth G has built a cult following in the independent music scene. His art speaks volumes always echoing the societal evils and the struggles of the Tamil Diaspora.

Sujeeth G’s latest track Ella Naalum is a different venture for this prolific artist. It is a melodious track and Sujeeth G is actually singing this time along. The music is produced by Thishanthan while Gajinaath of GJ Arts was the cinematographer for the music video. The flute play by Thishanthan gives a positive vibe throughout the song. A pleasant music video with elements of bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance, this is probably Sujeeth G’s most melodious track to date. Besides Sujeeth G and Thishanthan, Dayany also stars in Ella Naalum.

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