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Sri Lankan Tamil Rapper featured for A.R. Rahman

L-R: Chinmayi, ADK, Tanvi Shah

Sri Lankan-based musician Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam recently got the chance to work alongside one of his inspirations when he was invited to perform on A.R. Rahman‘s soundtrack to Kadal, Mani Ratnam’s long awaited blockbuster starring debutants Gautham Karthik, son of Karthik and Thulasi Nair.

‘Mahudi Mahudi’ is a dubstep-inspired track in which ADK raps alongside Chinmayi and Tanvi Shah. Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam also penned the lyrics for Mahudi Mahudi. ADK is no stranger in the international Tamil hip hop scene, having published around five albums to date; the Sri Lankan rapper is much celebrated for his style and uniqueness. ADK recently launched his latest album, Aaryan, to positive reviews.

Known for his whacky antics and diversity, we were fortunate enough to catch up with the Sri Lankan rapper to share his experience working the illustrious A.R. Rahman.

MTC: What are your feelings working with A.R. Rahman?

ADK: It was extraordinary! This is the biggest achievement so far in my career. It is very hard to express the feeling I had when I first saw him and I was also shocked with the manner he took care of me. Rahman sir simply inspires you in every single way and you do not have break your head in giving your best when working with him. It will eventually come flowing while he is beside you. He is one music composer and genius who is very down to earth and caring. Simply to say, he is the best teacher/guru for youngsters like us.

MTC: While working with AR Rahman, were you given enough creative freedom with the track Mahudi Mahudi?

ADK: He was literally behaving with me like this is his first ever movie, so much excitement and I saw that interest in his eyes. He was like expressing to me how the song should come out and laughing and full of joy.

When I gave him my idea, he was like ‘keep giving me more’. Honestly, this is the best freedom I ever had. When it was time to write the lyrics, Rahman sir came up to me and said write what you like and make it strong. I asked if he would like to listen to my albums and he listened to the entire collections, in which he picked a few words from my previous albums. Thus, that’s how we came out with the last line ‘Saguni’. He also loved the word Mahudi.

His entire team was awesome which includes T.R. Krishna Chetan, Suresh Perumal, Jerry, Mahesh and Moorthy sir who conducted the Telugu Version. Although, I felt nervous during my recording as both Mani Ratnam sir and Rahman sir were present, the comfort zone they gave me was just mind blowing.

MTC: How did you get the opportunity to work with AR Rahman?

ADK: Six months back, I was in Sri Lanka and was under some pressure. Then, out of the blue, I got a call from T.R. Krishna Chetan’s brother Pravin and said “Dinesh what you doing in Sri Lanka? Pack your bags and run to Chennai Rahman sir needs you asap” This tripped me off! I was with some friends having lunch and I couldn’t eat at all. I literaly screamed my voice off. From there, I received another call from Rahman sir’s engineer Suresh Perumal and he put me on phone for the first time with Rahman Sir, who further explained to me the situation of the song and he also mentioned that he remembered meeting me in his office 2 years ago. I was truly thrilled and I immediately flew down to Chennai and it all happened!

MTC: Did A.R. Rahman hear your creations?

ADK: Yes he did, it was so nice of him to ask for it. When I gave my latest album Aaryan he smiled and told “Hey, this looks like Nanban (the movie) cover” He listened to the entire album and my other albums too. He loved ‘Kuruvi’, ‘Hollaback Muniamma’ and ‘You Ate My Money’.

MTC: How do you feel being a Sri Lankan Tamil who worked with an international icon?

ADK: It is the best feeling ever. I am very proud that I am bringing a lot of respect back to my country. Many of my fans from Sri Lanka are truly happy and mention to me that I am the first to do this. However, my happiness is not about being the first but being forever and I will be. So many singers have tried from Sri Lanka and I guess I am lucky enough to get here. Rahman sir is a great man, he does not care who you are or where you come from, if you know what you are doing and doing it good, that’s what matters!

We at MyTamilChannel would like to congratulate ADK for his success and wishes him the best for his future undertakings.

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