2:23 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

Short film – VEDKHAI

2010 Astro Vellithirai Short Film Competition Top 10 Finalist.

VEDKHAI is all about the inspired film maker who wants make debut as a film director with his unique story and try his level best to finding producer. At one point of time his own story make him get into trouble…

CAST : Veknesvaran Subramaniam, Puvanesh, Ganesen, Saravan Periasamy, Daniel, Viganesh Kumar, Vasanthan, Krisnaveni Saravanan

Director : Veknesvaran Subramaniam
Assistant Director : Saravanan Periasamy
D.O.P : Saravanan & Veknesvaran
Editor : Veknesvaran Subramaniam
Story/Screenplay/Dialog : Veknesvaran Subramaniam
BG Soundtracks Producer: Thayalan Krishnan
BG Sound Mixing : Veknesvaran Subramaniam
Lighting : Veknesvaran Subramaniam
Production Assistants : Shan, Sathia, Jack

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