2:00 am - Wednesday June 28, 2017

Short film – STOP by Anisa Govindasamy

Jenny is a young career-conscious woman in a race for money and success. In order to become the number one she puts her family and friends aside and focus on making her way to the top. Crushing everything on her way, she quickly gains speed and wealth but a curious incident makes her realize that her dreams of fame and fortune may not grant her the joy and happiness she is after.

Indeed when a tortoise crosses the path of the hare the most unexpected outcome arises. Jenny realizes the value of life, family and friends and decide to tap into this richness she has always overlooked. She finally experience what true joy means and smiles for the first time of her life.

Rich of her experience she asks us all to step down and think for a minute about what we truly want in life.

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  1. Jaelyn Kumar
    December 27, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Short & Sweet & Meaningful!!!!

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