2:22 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

Shakti Returns – Dasamahavidya * Divinity * Dynamic* Destruction

10 Vidyas resides in every women…She is Kamala ( The one dwells in prosperity), Tripurasundari ( The most beautiful in three worlds) , Bhuvaneswary ( The mother Earth) Tara ( Justice) , Bhairaivi ( The Fighter) , Matangi ( The Educator), Bagalamuki ( Who paralizes the enemy) , Chinnamasta ( The Liberator of Desire) ,Dumathy ( Auspicious in inauspicious), and Mahakali ( The destroyer of evil force) ..She is creator, the one who nurture and the one who destroys….SHAKTI RETURNS in every women that needs…

A production of Asthana Arts, with Sollisai Nation of Dr. Burn and Wickneswaran Kaliaperumal of Ugly Duckling, we present to you ..The video of Shakti Returns…in conjunction SHAKTI RETURNS dance and theater production @ Penang and Johor 2015.

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