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OLLI to grace the local cinemas on 23rd May

Olli (ஔி), an entertaining thriller is the latest movie to grace the local cinemas. Directed by P. Rameesh, the movie revolves around a couple, Vishnu and Sumathi who have been married for seven years but yet to bear a child. Things start to change when Vishnu, a geologist, encounters a bright ray of light when he falls in a cave during work.

Shashi Tharan

As the couple starts experiencing abnormal things taking place an old man rushes to Sumathi to pass a book but due to the constraint of time, he forewarns Sumathi and asks her to read the book carefully. Left in confused state, both Vishnu and Sumathi start to investigate what’s going on with them. Their investigation forms the crux of the story as to whether the bright ray of light (Olli) has a relation between God and Alien.

Drawing a variety of elements, Olli is likely to entertain you with its animation, sound effects, graphics, cinematography and the plot as well. P. Rameesh, the director behind Olli, has worked 7 years on this movie. Known for his attention to detail, P Rameesh has worked 7 years on Olli, perfecting the story and dialogue.

Pushpa Narayan

P Rameesh considers Olli to be a movie out-of-the-ordinary and his objective is to bring Olli to a global platform and film festivals. He also has played a cameo role in Olli as a policeman. The main casts in Olli are Shashi and Pushpa who are both no strangers in the local movie industry.

Shashi has is an award winning actor who bagged the award as Pelakon Harapan Lelaki Terbaik at last year’s Malaysian Film Festival for the movie Estet while Pushpa, who started off her career as a model, has starred in major movies such as Gangster, Sembilu, Diva and 1957 Hati Malaya. When asked about Olli, both of them mentioned that Olli is certainly different from their previous commitments and has somewhat expanded their acting horizons.

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