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‘Ok Kanmani’ (O Kadhal Kanmani) Movie Review

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OK Kanmani, one of the most awaited movie this year as it marked as a ‘comeback’ film for legendary director, Mani Ratnam after his commercially failure ‘Kadal’. The expectations and hype of the film gone up with the excessive publicity and marketing through mass media by Madras Talkies and Studio Green which led many to assume that OK Kanmani is nothing but Alaipayuthey 2 or even its remake after the release of its trailer few weeks ago. The film for sure may have some similarities in terms of its production design which might give us the ‘Alaipayuthey’ feel when watched the trailer but Mani sir proved us wrong and make a great comeback with yet another sensible love story which we could really relate closely to our heart.

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While Alaipayuthey explores the tensions of marriage life and the maturing of love and Mouna Raagam about relationship within arranged marriage, OK Kanmani comes bolder with live-in relationship plot which travels between Tara (Nithya Menon) and Adhi (Dulquer Salman). Both this characterization have similarities as they don’t believe in marriage institutions. As both of them stacked with their initial plan to pursue their career abroad, they decided to have a live-in relationship by accompanying an older couple, Ganpathy (Prakash Raj) and Bhavani (Leela Samson) as a paying guest. How the relationship between Ganpathy and Bhavani reformed Adhi and Tara’s understanding about their bonding forms the rest of the story.

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If Dulquer Salman hits the bull’s eye as Adhi, Nithya Menon was terrific in her role as Tara. Both of them plays their role so realistically which will able to make the viewers too feel their amount of love towards each other. However, Prakash Raj and Leela Samson’s classy act as Ganpathy and Bhavani will leaves an impact and be an inspiration for many of us.

Manirathnam as a brilliant screenwriter verifies to us that he doesn’t need a melodramatic sequences to convince the viewers to understand his intention in discovering cohabitation especially in India which many considered communally and decently inappropriate.  Furthermore, he still reigns as one of the best storyteller who able to show the intensity of love and lust sans vulgarity. As his previous masterpiece, his dialogues plays crucial part of the movie which was modest yet deep. Sharmishta Roy’s production design was really sync with the requirement of the film which mainly focusses on urban middle class lifestyle especially Ganpathy’s residence.

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PC Sreeram’s cinematography was outstanding. His creativity at this age, right from the camera angles, colour tone and lighting simply breath-taking. Sreekar Prasad’s well-ordered editing make sure that the audience keep engaged to their seat and prominently, even with wafer-thin storyline, OK Kanmani doesn’t have a single dull or lacklustre moment throughout the film. Another winner from the legendary combination of AR Rahman and Manirathnam. The musical score and background score was really mesmerizing and plays a major part and even can be said as backbone for this film. Mostly all the songs filmed as a montage except Parandhu Sellava goes with the movement or flow of the storyline instead of using separate song track picturisation attached beautifully.

Overall, can be concluded that Manirathnam still can be considered as numero one director in Tamil Cinema who never compromise when it comes to experiment something new in terms of content and visualization. In OK Kanmani, Mani sir relates us with the journey of two parallel romances of love charmingly in various types of emotion. Go and fall in love again, JUST LIKE THAT !

OK Kanmani – Highly Recommended.

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