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Nugam to hit Lotus cinemas on Dec 6


Nugam hit more than 100 over cinemas in India on 18th October 2013 with mixed reviews. Nugam which means burden will reflect its meaning as the movie is fully watched. The story tells about how one man’s selfishness could lead to the fall of society in many ways including bribery, lust, betrayal, wrong doings and even mass destruction like terrorism.

Debutant Jeffy has written and directed Nugam, showcasing new talents like Jey Bala, Vijayakumar, Suresh, Preethi, Karthi alongside with Vaagai Soodava Ineya and Ganja Karuppu.

With new faces, the director attempted an interesting main theme for audience to ponder. Nugam ensures every audience will leave the cinema with some mixed feelings… not about the movie but about oneself… about one’s selfishness.


The story starts with two assassinators from abroad that assigned for assassination in India. But things turn sour when one of them disagrees of bombing that involves the public. When a question of
‘why and what wrong did the public do’ is thrown… a thoughtful answer of selfish surfaces. The public is no more than a selfish human being and easy to be manipulated for position and money. And the story gets very interesting when he is challenged to show at least 5 people who are not selfish and therefore the bombing execution will be withdrawn. Will the hero ever find 5 people who are not selfish? Will the bombing plan withdrawn? Find out for yourself at your cinemas soon on…



Nugam is a 100% Malaysian production by Synergy Creations in India that had executed not an easy mission in India cinema industry. The producer Mr.Jeya Prakash with his partner Jeybala has learned the hard way in learning the system and dogma behind the film making production to be able to become a player in the industry. It’s quite known to the filmmaker in India that you are only in the moving making business or game ONLY when your movie has come out to the screen. In India almost every week a debutant is attempting to bring his film to screen while many products left inside the cabinet.

As for the cinema owners, the selection of a movie to run on their cinema is a straight forward subject. It’s either you have a face value artist or reputable Label. Even a good storyline movie is a failure and not noticeable if it doesn’t tie up with the above.

As such, Synergy Production have had made EROS International (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eros_International) leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry impressed with Nugam movie theme. To take note, even EROS just ventured into Kollywood in buying Maattran 2012 and currently the much awaited Kochadaiyan. Therefore making Nugam is the first time ever low budget, not forgetting Tamil language movie EROS bought to remake in Hindi.

Another credit to be mentioned here is Nugam movie songs are bought by Sony Music from Think Music after the association of Eros International with Synergy Creations.

Other notable effort by Synergy Creations to be credited here for the debut attempt is the movie shoot took place in Chennai, Bangalore, Paris, Mauritius and Switzerland as it necessitates the storyline.

It did not end here as the production company also spent additional of 1 crores apart from 1.75 crores (approximately RM2.3 million) for the movie production to promote in 100 over cinemas, billboards, posters, medias and others.

With so many credits under their endeavor belt, Synergy Creations already have second movie to be released after ponggal festival titled Eerpu. Eerpu is already have bagged big names like Yuvan Shankar Raja who has composed 6 tracks, well known stuntmaster Peter Heins and editor Suresh URS. Jeffy team will once again take audience to the screen with bigger production for a love thriller genre.

Now since Synergy Creations has become a known label in India, its next venture is to bring local Malaysian movies and television products to India satellite television.

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