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NJOI, Malaysia’s First Free Satellite TV from Astro

NJOI, Malaysia’s First Free Satellite TV from Astro

PM says, “NJOI Provides Malaysians with Free Access to Education, Information and Entertainment towards a Knowledge-based Economy”

KUALA LUMPUR, 20th December 2011 – Astro today announced the launch of NJOI, Malaysia’s first free satellite TV for everyone to share and enjoy. NJOI is part of Astro’s aspiration to make lifelong learning, information, entertainment including sports available to all in Malaysia, for free.

The Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak said at the launch of NJOI, “Knowledge is a very important component of any highly progressive society, and it is the foundation upon which a nation of excellence is built. Giving the Rakyat access to a wealth of information is critical in producing multi-talented, highly skilled, creative and innovative workforce necessary to build a knowledge-based economy towards becoming a high-income nation.”

The Prime Minster added that the introduction of NJOI from Astro is an exemplary representation of a People First service, as it not only eases the rising cost of living and reduces the burden of the Rakyat; it also provides the Rakyat the basic right to good quality education, information and knowledge to all Malaysians, for free. The landmark entry of Malaysia’s first free satellite TV will create an abundance of choices in free or pay TV content for all Malaysians.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by Dato’ Joseph Gandum Salang, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture, Dato’ Haji Badri Haji Masri, Chairman of Astro and Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro, in presenting free NJOI services to 20 recipients under the eKasih database of the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU) of the Prime Minister Department.

Dato’ Rohana said, “When we launched our service 15 years ago, we believed that Astro has an important role to play in narrowing the digital divide, thanks to our satellite technology which provides the most effective reach to all homes in the country. We would like to thank all Malaysians for their support in helping Astro achieve a 50 percent penetration of Malaysian TV homes. Our challenge and aspiration at Astro is to continue to learn from our customers in order to provide a holistic value proposition which fits the individual lifestyle of choice, preferences, and budget of each and every customer. We understand our responsibility to the community. We currently have a low entry pack of RM37.95 for customers to enjoy Astro.  A customer can then choose to add on genre packages and innovative services like HD, Video On Demand or Personal Video Recording, in accordance to his or her individual preferences. Soon, Astro will also be available on-the-go through companion devices of choice.

With NJOI, we are taking that one step further by making available to all in Malaysia, the fundamental core content in lifelong learning, information and entertainment including key sporting events for free.”

NJOI, Malaysia’s First Free Satellite TV for Everyone in Malaysia

With the launch of NJOI, Astro today fulfills its next promise in bridging the digital divide for all of Malaysia. NJOI will be introduced in three phases.

In the first phase, Astro plans to distribute 50,000 NJOI decoders and satellite dishes to recipients under the eKasih programme. This initiative is part of Astro’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme in creating a social impact by giving free access to education, information, entertainment and sports to low-income communities, social and charitable organisations, as well as homes in areas with no current access to TV and Radio services. Total investment for the CSR initiative in respect to the set top box, dish and programming costs is estimated to be about RM500 mil over the next 5 years.

In the second phase, the NJOI service will be made available to all by the first quarter of 2012, where a customer can purchase the decoder and dish at a one-off payment, install the service and start to enjoy the 37 TV and radio services, comprising of lifelong learning, information and entertainment including sports for completely free, with no monthly subscription.

In the third phase of NJOI, customers can choose to buy additional content at their own discretion, from a menu of attractive content through a prepaid mechanism, which will be available by the middle of 2012.

The channels included in NJOI from Astro will consist of quality educational channels, such as Astro Tutor TV UPSR, PMR and SPM, Astro Vaanavil’s educational belt—consisting of UPSR Neram, Manavar Mulakkam Science Capsule, and Thirumbi Parkalama—as well as other entertainment and information channels like Astro Prima, Astro Oasis, Astro Awani, Astro AEC, Jia Yu, Makkal TV, CCTV4, Bernama TV, iView, iMus, TVi, TV1, TV2, Astro Xiao Tai Yang (coming soon) and 19 radio stations.

NJOI is enabling everyone to access enriching content—the best of information, entertainment, sports and lifelong learning—that are in line with Malaysia’s push for a knowledge-driven nation. Astro’s continuing investment in talent, creativity and technology aspires to provide valuable content, which all customers can choose from in accordance to their individual needs, preferences and budget.

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For more details on the NJOI service, please go to www.astro.com.my or call 03-9543 8100.

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