4:30 pm - Monday July 24, 2017

Movie Premiere: VERE VAZHI ILLE


Their first and second films took the local Tamil community by storm. Nobody predicted how massive and
powerful can the introductory and experimental movie be, given the current situation of deflating movie
goers and movie products especially local ones. The first impact of the tsunami-like explosion and success
stories of the first home breed independent movie to be shown to Malaysian audience has cascaded into a
domino effect. Other strings of similar products are now seeing a fresh outlook and a little bit more hope in
captivating the local Tamil community. Yes, is started with Vilaiyaatu Pasange (Playful Folks), a very
successful romantic comedy that roared at the cinemas on 13th October 2011, a mere four years ago.


Being the first local independent Tamil movie that made it to the Astro Box Office, the movie enthralled audience
for a good amount of time at silver screens before made it possible for fans to enjoy their favourite movie
on television. While their second feature film, VETTI PASANGA (Useless Folks) is another tremendous
effort by the team to produce another farfetched movie just for their steadfast fans. This movie is a spirited
film that cleverly touches on issues of life, family, love and friendship, all at the same time, but not
necessarily in that order, and is put together after much thought and deliberation from the previous hit
movie by an award-winning Director, Vimala Perumal. VETTI PASANGA has grabbed two Silver Awards
at the International Conference on Informatics and Creative Multimedia (ICICM) and PECIPTA’13
organized by the Ministry of Education.


And now, taking off on the same note of the intricate local flavours, ‘Veedu Production’ has done it again.
All set to shimmer local audience with the same magic of astounding storyline, VERE VAZHI ILLE (No
Way Out) is another tremendous effort by the team to produce another farfetched movie just for their
steadfast fans. Positive remarks from the press, newspapers, magazines and the public have inspired the
whole crew members of ‘Veedu Production’ to work harder to produce the third movie which is a horrorcomedy.
VERE VAZHI ILLE definitely promises a great package treat by the Director, M.S. Prem Nath.
Massive acceptance of the movie by the community was a clear sign that the third one will prevail with
better reception.


The movie release is scheduled to happen on the 2nd July 2015 and this time a bigger number of cinemas
will be participating in the screening nationwide, a staggering 28 cinemas to be exact. Things are looking
splendid for the production team and this is evident from the successful ‘Audio Launch and Appreciation
Gala’ on the 3rd June 2015 held at MidValley Exhibition Centre in conjunction with 13th Global Indian
Festival. The launch caused a stir and attracted many interested parties from other production houses as
well as fans nationwide. Malindo Air and Agenda Suria Communication joint promote the audio launch
and CDs as well as online downloads are available worldwide in more than a hundred stores including
Amazon, Deezer, Spotify, i-Tunes and many more.


This third feature film entitled, ‘VERE VAZHI ILLE’ (No Way Out) is aimed at youth community in
Malaysia but it is definitely a family package movie, which includes a lot of horror and comedy elements.
It’s a common horror story with a different perspective whereby this will mark the first Indian “Zombie”
movie in the world. The way the story unfolds with horror and comedy has cleverly interlaced of
interesting plots and intertwined storyline speaks of the trills and co-incidents that happen in our life. This
highly credited movie is a second feature film from Director M.S Prem, who is actually a well established
Editor in the industry (who is also the Editor for Veedu Production’s first and second features) and the
production team is headed by Vimala Perumal and the charming Denes Kumar who is also the main actor
in the movie. This tremendous duo team of husband and wife has again come together to bring to their fans
a much awaited movie, “VERE VAZHI ILLE”. What better way to show and preserve, to tell and share, all
of terrific moments, but through this movie entitled VERE VAZHI ILLE (No Way Out).

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