1:51 am - Wednesday June 28, 2017

Meet Ernest Zacharevic – grabbing attention through his street art

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Lithuanian street artist, Ernest Zacharevic, is turning heads with his latest piece of work which highlights the problem of crime in the city of Johor Bahru.

A permanent resident of Malaysia, the 27-year-old artist had painted a mural depicting a Lego woman carrying a posh Chanel bag with a knife-wielding attacker Lego man prowling around the corner.

The image became viral on Facebook as tens of thousands of people have ‘liked’ or shared it. Although his art piece has been painted over by authorities, mural cut-outs of it are being plastered around the country.

Ernest FeaturedZacharevic responded that his paintings are always a reflection to whatever social environment he is exposed to. He added that, “I notice many people just feel extremely unsafe”. There was a general feel of uncertainty and caution.

The street artist, nicknamed the Malaysia’s Banksy, concluded that this is first time his artworks have been in the centre of attention. This is most likely because the local council claimed that his work might portray a negative picture of the state.

Nonetheless, the online community is in support of the painting as a form of freedom of expression.

On his future plans, Zacharevic mentioned that he would be holding his first solo exhibition titled Art is Rubbish on Jan 17 in Penang.

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