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Karthik Shamalan’s Suhamaai Subbulakshmi (SSL)

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2013 witnessed a game change in malaysian indian film industry after the release of much anticipated, Karthik Shamalan’s Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu (MTK). The audience were spellbound with every aspect of MTK, be it from the music score aspect, cinematography or acting.

This year, Karthik Shamalan is back with a stronger and bigger team with the announcement of his next venture – Suhamaai Subbulakshmi (SSL). Just like during the Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu tittle announcement, audience are kept guessing on the plot of SSL. However, colourful holi inspired first look posters hints that this would be a joyous, pleasant movie surrounding on friendship and love.

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Interestingly, SSL casts Sly Squad fame Saresh D’seven, Kuben Mahadevan (Villain of MTK) and Punitah Shanmugam in lead roles. This will be Saresh’s launch in acting. Other notable casts playing their role in SSL are Bhagya Arivuckarasu, Pd Sara, Purani Muthu, Jaya Ganason, Yotesri Shanmugam and Andrew Mj.

Karthik’s crew who worked in Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu is back again in Suhamaai Subbulakshmi. SSL is produced by Kiddo John (Kiddo Legacy) together with Yogisan Vijaymogan and R. Kumaran. Once again, chart buster Adai Malzhai composer Shameshan Mani Maran return to score music for SSL. The lyrics will be penned by Yuwarajah Krishnan and Oviya Oommapathy. Other team members to join hands with Karthik are Viknish Lokaraj Asokan, Ravyn Manogaran, Tharan Naraht, Dhilip Kumar, Soma Kanthan and Yugendren Maniam.


We have seen the strong reach of Karthik Shamalan and his team’s quality through Melle Thiranthathu Kathavu. We strongly believe Suhamaai Subbulakshmi will set another landmark in Malaysian Indian film Industry and Karthik Shamalan’s biography. My Tamil Channel wishes Karthik and the entire team a great success in Suhamaai Subbulakshmi.

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  1. Venugopal
    February 28, 2014 at 9:14 am #

    OMg!!! The bad thing about this director is, he like to post stuff on fb and it’s the same stuff he keep posting repeatedly. Actually i saw many new comer directors who make their first successful film but none of them are so marketing minded. Even a screen shot from his phone is not left, he keep post that also. My humble request is, don’t make money with an incomplete movie. MTK is horrible movie. If the movie was so good, then it should be won multiple awards.

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