6:24 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

KAN THEDUTHEY – Official Music Video by Rajhula

The official music video by Rajhula, Kan Theduthey, is finally out. The people behind the video is Shanjey Kumar Perumal and his team (Skyzen). Kann Theduthey, the track, was released on May 14, 2012 and was composed by Rajhula and Lawrence. Sheezay of Psycho. Unit co-wrote the song with Rajhula.

Besides seeing Rajhula rocking in suits, the music video also highlights the Malaysian Nature Society. The talents involved in the music video are Sangeetha, Gary Ravindran and Nur Islah. The music video is produced by R. Perakas (Shine Entertainment).

Song composed by Rajhula & Lawrence
Lyrics by Rajhula & Sheezay of Psycho. Unit
Directed by Shanjey Kumar Perumal
Produced by R.Perakas
Director of Photohraphy by Senthil Kumaran Muniandy
Edited by Lourdes Gason Paul & Gary Ravindran
Art Direction by Gary Ravindran
Assistant Cameraman by Esvaran Krishnan
Talents by Sangeetha, Gary Ravindran & Nur Islah

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  1. Hamirthanathan
    December 29, 2012 at 4:32 am #

    Best made in Malaysia tamil song ever i heard. After Tamarai’s …

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