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Jamu 2014 | A feast for the senses!

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Jamu is an annual choreography performance event that was launched in 2011. Since then it has become a staple in the dance diary of Kuala Lumpur, providing an intimate evening of contemporary dance that caters to different tastes and preferences. The production aims to further develop the lecturer-choreographers of the Faculty of Dance, National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage (ASWARA). The lecturers are given the platform to explore their creativity – keeping them relevant, current and on the edge, reminding them of the challenges of creativity and the industry – creating a bridge between scholarship and the industry. In the process of creating dance, they work with students and graduates who will then have a more intimate understanding and insight into different methods of choreography.

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Modern dance pioneers of the early 20th century such as Ruth St Denis or Isadora Duncan sought to break boundaries of convention and create new vocabulary while presenting audiences withe new experiences. The words modern, new dance or contemporary are often used interchangeably. The dance forms has the ability to raise questions in the minds of the audience, allow for interpretations, and in doing so, stimulates discussion.

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This genre further evolved since 1950s with the advent of post-modernism in New York and in Germany while in Japan, post-WW II brought the advent of butoh, Japan’s greatest contribution to this genre. This development/revolution can be attributed in part to the breaking of boundaries between performers and audience, the importance for dance to be relevant to present society, as well as the desire to create new vocabulary.

jamu (5)The Faculty of Dance, ASWARA is committed to preservation and propagation of traditional dance and its function in promoting national identity. This is on-going. In tandem with those aspirations, the Faculty understands the value of continuous exploration of contemporary ideas, engaging in improving standards of choreography through regular productions, seminars and dialogue sessions with the industry.

It sees its role in pushing the professionalism in performing arts in the country. Over the years, lecturers of the ASWARA have received recognition both on a national as well as on the international arena. The Faculty of Dance at ASWARA is the fertile soil that cultivates the spirit of exchange and life-long learning. Through Jamu, ASWARA has received numerous Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in various categories of lighting and costume design, choreography, ensemble performances and music as an indication of its high quality.

The art and craft of choreography has infinite possibilities – and we encourage the audience to develop their sense of appreciation for this genre of dance which does not always have the mass market appeal.

Jamu 2014 features new works by:

  1. Wong Kit Yaw
  2. Mohd Seth Hamzah
  3. Joseph Gonzales
  4. Yunus Ismail
  5. Norsafini Jafar & Norbaizura Ghani
  6. Tan Kooi Lan
  7. Zamzuriah Zahari

Date: 26-28 September @ 8.30 p.m.
Tickets: Adults – RM 30.00 & Students – RM 10.00
Venue: Black Box ASWARA Campus – 464, Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 KL
Contact: 03-26975405/1804/1777; 019-2319179 (Jeffri)

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