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Interview with Praboo T. Arivananthan | KID The Movie


KID unfolds the story of Jarrel who is also a victim of a tragic yet unlucky case. But this time, who’s court will the ball be at ? The prey? Or the predator himself? What is that “something” which plunges a man into a pool of sins which even animals don’t oblige in. Here is our short interview with Praboo, the men behind ‘KID The Movie’

MTC: Tell us about yourself
My name is Praboo T. Arivananthan. I was born on the 27th of May 1996 and am aged 18 now. I come from the humble town of Melaka. I am currently working for a video + photography company in Melaka, S&R Digital Video + Photography and am also working as a part timer at Hebat Multimedia doing photoshop designs and basic animation jobs. My passion is filmmaking and dream is to be a movie director. Sometimes I do odd jobs to have some extra pocket money by fixing people’s computer. I have interests in computers too but my love for movies are much greater than love for computers.

MTC: About KID, story-line and casting
KID is basically your not so average kidnap movie and to correct people’s misunderstanding, it’s a cinema release movie and not a short film. KID revolves around the lives of a few kidnap victims and kidnappers. Each face has a story and these people are sharing their stories on screen. The movie is inspired by true happenings in Malaysia. Cast and crews of this movie are all first timers including myself as the director of the movie. We have only experience in making short films and working as cameraman for people.


MTC: How long did it take to shoot the film?
It took us nearly a month to complete shooting as we have had lots of rehearsals in prior to shoot the movie. In fact, if I scale the days down, shooting took only a week to complete. We spent 13 to 16 hours per day to shoot our scenes and have given our best.

MTC: Where the short film was mostly shot?
The movie was shot in Melaka. Everything from the cast and crews to shooting to post productions.


MTC: What are the challenges you face during the making of this film?
The challenges faced in making this film were curious people peeking into the shooting spots and stopping us during the middle of the shoot to check what’s going on. Other challenges I faced were handling everything in this project alone. I worked as the director, makeup artise, editor, screen writer, script writer, screenplay writer,5.1ch audio engineer, poster designer, art concept sketch artist on Photoshop and illustrator, part producer of the movie, part cinematographer and being the DI colourist of the movie. The next thing was the time when my MacBookPro decided to stop functioning and I had no choice but to get a desktop for the editing job. The biggest challenge faced was DCP conversion. Mr ST Bala helped me and the team a lot in guiding us from just being a small time filmmaker to a cinema movie maker now. Our parents and family too supported us morally and part financially.


MTC: Were there any difficulties in the casting process?
Casting job had no issues because everyone on board are dedicated people and they are very cooperative as well as understanding.

MTC: How do you describe your filmmaking journey?
This filmmaking journey for KID is one fun ride for all of us in the team/ family. We sacrificed our leisure time and also sleep for this movie. Overall, we’ve learned a lot and I think not many are fortunate to get this one in a lifetime experience so I am really grateful and thankful for this journey.

MTC: Your future plans?
My future plans are to pursue filming studies in America and one day come back to Malaysia to help all the new comers and passionated creative people to succeed in life.

We at MyTamilChannel would like to wish the best to Praboo T. Arivananthan and his team in BMW Shorties. You can log onto their official page at https://www.facebook.com/KID.TheOfficialMovie for more details. Here is the film trailer for all of you.

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