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Interview with Karthik Shamalan, the brain behind Muthal Naal Indru

On August 31, 2012, MyTamilChannel took pride in releasing Karthik Shamalan’s short film Muthal Naal Indru. Upon release, the short film immediately captured the audience for its realistic acting and smartly taken cinematography. Now, it is with even greater pride that we announce that Muthal Naal Indru has been selected as a Top 10 Finalist in the famous BMW Shorties.

For six years running now, BMW Shorties is a short film competition which was created to encourage the short film art form as well as to spur creativity in the Malaysian film community. Indeed, BMW Shorties plays a vital role as a platform for independent film makers to showcase their talents and skills. The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Possibilities’ – with the aim to encourage budding film makers to further explore their creativity as well as to not limit themselves in the discovery of opportunities.

Karthik Shamalan

Muthal Naal Indru, a short film by Jagatesh Letchumanan or popularly known as Karthik Shamalan, which explores the possibility of love for a prostitute who has been betrayed by her ex-lover. The short film has indeed made its mark for its unique storyline. Besides being in the Top 10 Finalist 2012, the short film also bagged five other nominations –

  • Best Cinematography – SK Satya and Karthik Shamalan
  • Best Screenplay – Karthik Shamalan
  • Best Editing – Karthik Shamalan
  • Best Sound Design – Jose Franklin
  • Best Actress – Jaya Ganason

The voting for the People’s Choice Award is currently on-going until Wednesday 5th December 2012.Upon hearing Muthal Naal Indru’s nomination, we at MyTamilChannel contacted Karthik Shamalan and lucky enough, we were able to conduct a short interview with the man himself.

MTC: How long did it take to shoot the short film?

The duration shoot for the film was approximately 20 days.

MTC: Where the short film was mostly shot?

Do not be shocked, the short film was entirely shot in my flat.

MTC: Were there any difficulties in the casting process?

The casting for the younger female was difficult as many rejected the role. However, only four people accepted the role and from that four, we narrowed to two as they had the looks of an older character as this would suit our short film. Subsequently, Jaya was chosen as the lead.

MTC: Why did you decide to remake Alex Montoyo’s Como Conoci A Tu Padre? What inspired you?

To start off, it is not a remake and that is the biggest misconception by many people. It is actually a re-imagination. A re-imagination can be described as taking the core idea and doing a whole new movie. I liked the concept of showing pain and drawing emotions from the character. In Montoyo’s version, it focused on the characters first time relationship. Hence, in mine, I decided to add more emotions and substance by portraying the lead character as prostitute to exhibit their ‘pains’ and how they see ‘love’.

MTC: What was the response from your target audience when the short film was released?

The response has been very good so far. Many people loved it and gave a lot of positive remarks. One of the things which arise is why the change of the lead (Jaya) as there is a younger version played by Jaya and an older version. A simple answer to this is – reality. A 16 years old girl will never look the same after about 15 years (in the story there is a kid asking the lead about her love story).

MTC: The character played by Jaya was super realistic, was there any research carried out in enacting the roles?

Jaya Ganason

Indeed, we did a very small research and I went and had a small chat with real girls suffering out there. I observed their attitude and their way of talking and dressing. One of the thing strike me was I was talking to one of the girls about their plans on wedding and she bluntly asked me ‘You are asking too many, will you marry me?’. I was in awe silence for a while and she added ‘This is our life, no second chance’.





MTC: How do you describe your filmmaking journey?

I believe my filmmaking journey is set to start and this is a warm-up for me for better things.

MTC: Is this your first nomination?

This is my second nomination, last year, my short film ‘SRK’ was nominated for best actress.

MTC: I believe you are in the verge of completing your first ever feature film, Saatan, how is the progress on that and expected release?

Actually, Saatan is not my first; my first indie feature film was released a year ago. It was fully shot with a non-HD, a cheap handycam. Yet, it was screened at TAFE college, with more than 300 people watching it. It was a good experience as everyone gave a standing ovation at the end of the movie. The movie was kept from public viewing as many advised to re-shoot this movie with a producer for silver screen.

As for Saatan, it is my first attempt for silver screen. There is not much I can say about Saatan except that I love this experience and it has its ups and downs. The film has three genres in it and I will reveal it in due time. It is targeted to be released on November 2013 with the trailer out by April 2013.

MTC: Your future plans?

I will be releasing another short film ‘In a Scent’ for Christmas and it is an experiment to see if our target audience is ready for unique attempts. Besides, we will be doing a music video for the hit track ‘Karaigindre’ by Tiban.

We at MyTamilChannel would like to wish the best to Karthik Shamalan and his team in BMW Shorties. You can log onto BMW Shorties Top 10 Finalists to vote for the best short film for the People’s Choice Award up until December 5, 2012. Here is the short film for all of you:

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