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Interview with Jessen Periasamy – the Tamil music composer from Mauritius

Ever heard of the Mauritian Tamil music scene? If you haven’t then this will interest you. Mauritius-based musician, Jessen Periasamy, has recently released his new song, Yen Kaadhale, which is accompanied by a video.

Mauritius is an island nation which is located about 2000 kilometers off the south east coast of the African continent. The Tamil population in Mauritius comes up to 115,000. Although, the Tamil music scene in Mauritius might not be big considering its small Tamil population, it’s a unique one with great potential. With the likes of Jessen Periasamy coming up, it will be interesting to see what the music scene has to offer in the coming years.

We were fortunate enough to get hold of the 24-year old musician for a short interview on his work and the Tamil music scene in Mauritius.

MTC: What inspired you to do Yen Kaadhale?

Jessen: First of all, it was for the youngsters of Tamil Mauritians. I wanted a song different from others which eventually have modern beats, riffs, and melodies – and also great sounding vocals. I always listen to Romanian Dance songs and Tamil Music and I have always tried to make a mixture of both worlds happen, like a fusion. With Yen Kaadhale it proved to be successful. It’s a new modern music with blissful vocals from Varusha Isaimani Poinen.

MTC: Is this your first music video out there in the Tamil scene?

Jessen: In Mauritius, it’s not the first. Not many artists have their music video but all popular ones in Mauritius do have at least one music video.

MTC: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Jessen: Well, I am always enthusiastic and music is definitely my passion which I exercise every day. I breathe, live and sleep in music. Expect great modern Tamil music. What I have in store is a romantic R&B song with hip hop snares and trancy riffs. It will be much slower than Yen Kaadhale but with much more passion and also a love theme. Vocals are from Varusha’s brother – Vedarshen Poinen. The voice is simply sublime.

MTC: Will you be working with Varusha on more projects?

Jessen: Definitely! She has a very rare voice and personality and I wish to make the most of it in my songs.

MTC: Do you have any other Tamil tracks out on social media?

Jessen: Yes, I do. I have about like three tracks on on YouTube.

Released in March 2012. Jessen Periasamy feat Arounen Naranapillay & Meenakshi Thanthanee-Cunnen – Kaadhal Kaadhal (Be My Cindrella)

Released 20 July 2012. Jessen Periasamy ft Jordan JRKO & Meenakshi – Naan Unnai Nesikkiren

Released 1st August 2012. Jessen Periasamy ft Jordan JRKO & Meenakshi – Anbe Yendra Aasigal

MTC: Do you intend to work with Tamil artists with from Malaysia, UK or Europe?

Jessen: I’ll be utmost happy to collaborate with other artists, not only from Malaysia, UK or Europe but everywhere around the world. Music is something very emotional, it’s the only language which everyone understands. It is the language of emotions and I believe together we can definitely produce something great which can unite us all.

We at MyTamilChannel would like to wish Jessen Periasamy all the best in his music endeavors and also bringing the Tamil music scene in Mauritius to greater heights. 

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