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Movie Review – Adutha Kattam

If you have not watched Adutha Kattam, then you should head over to your closest cinema and watch it. Adutha Kattam is the second local Tamil film which is released under FINAS’ Compulsory Screening Scheme or Skim Wajib Tayang.

To start off, Adutha Kattam is not your typical Tamil movie – there are no songs accompanied with colourful visual, there are no action-packed flying stunts and interestingly, the lead in the movie is a female – Rekha, played by newcomer Malar Meni Perumal.

Directed by Murali Krishnan Munian, Adutha Kattam is about Rekha’s journey to her mother’s house after growing frustrated with her husband, Vijay, who is virtually married to his job. A series of inauspicious events takes place during her journey such as her phone battery drained out and ultimately, her car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

True to its horror theme, the story uses a lot of effects and camera work to shock the audience. This worked well with the background music as it dictated the quick cuts of the scenes. The blending of the dark shadows and bright lights worked well to unsettle the character, which in return managed to unsettle the audience too. However, the scenes were similar to previous horror movies.

The film only involves a small cast, with the plot centred on the female lead (Rekha played by Malar Meni Perumal), her husband (Vijay played by Aghondren Sahadevan) and the villain (Arvin played by Ben G). Malar Meni Perumal certainly did her homework and pulled off her expressions brilliantly. She is definitely not your dolled up, pretty-face actress you will encounter in most Tamil movies. Without a doubt, Malar Meni Perumal has the potential to grow as an established actress in the movie industry given more opportunities. As for Ben G, he lived up to expectations with his character’s notoriety in portraying what appears to be a semi-psychopath. Aghondren Sahadevan did a decent job in pulling off his character too.

The technical aspect of the movie, from cinematography, editing and other components support the movie in a positive way. With the background music effectively employed, it adds more dynamism in the movie. Although the movie was set with the intention to maintain a dark theme, camera lighting could be effectively employed to give more emphasis on certain portions.

Overall, Adutha Kattam is a good start in the Malaysian Tamil movie industry in terms of quality and substance. The plot is straight-forward and there is not much of a twist.  Being this is Murali’s debut work and also an experimental one, Adutha Kattam is indeed a good attempt by the team. It is a movie for every Malaysian Indian to watch in cinema.

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