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Global Battle of The Bands 2010


Kuala Lumpur, 26 February 2011:   Reggae band Dubtonic Kru raised the Jamaican flag when it won the coveted championship title at the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) 2010 World Finals on 26 February at KL Live Centre.

The five-man band triumphed over the other 16 finalists to take home the grand prize of a US$100,000 band development package and recognition as the ‘Best New Band in the World.”

“It’s an amazing feeling,” exclaimed vocalist and percussionist Horace “Kamau” Morgan. “GBOB is the biggest live talent show in the world and winning the title means a lot to us.”

Dubtonic Kru comprises of Kamau, Deleon “Jubba” White (drummer), Strickland “Stone” Stone (bassist), Luke Dixon (keyboardist), and Omar “Jallanzo” Johnson (guitarist). Founders Jubba and Stone had been making music together for 11 years before officially forming the band in 2007.

“Our music has merged all our different personalities to grow into a sound of its own over the years,” said Kamau. “It is a representation of our roots and culture. Music is a business to us, not just a hobby, and we are proud to have this opportunity to share ours with the world.”

Dubtonic Kru hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and is known for its funky and uplifting songs on life and love. While the band calls its music reggae/ contemporary dub, fans also know it as psychedelic dubstep or trance/dub.

GBOB Finals / 2

Over 30 countries competed in the GBOB 2010 and only 17 made it to the World Finals. Celebrity judges Kee Marcello (former guitarist of rock group Europe), Geir Waade (producer and artist), Gerry Helders (founder of various European artist management companies), and Tore Lande (Founder and CEO of GBOB Worldwide Ltd.) crowned Dubtonic Kru as the winner for its originality, vocal delivery, image, stage presence, musicality, and cohesion as a band, as well as international potential and star quality.

Runner ups in the competition were Salvador (Russia), Shenaniganz (Germany), Sonsteek (South Africa), and Nope (Morocco).

“It was a privilege to be the host broadcaster for this prestigious event and we feel honoured to have the opportunity to showcase the GBOB 2010 Finals to music fans on our channel,” said Astro Hitz Channel Manager Cheong Cheng-Vei. “Every band in the Finals put on a memorable performance, which should serve to inspire Malaysian indie bands to exceed expectations.”

The 2010 World Finals also marked Malaysia’s debut as the host country for the first World Finals outside London since GBOB was founded in 2004.

The other GBOB 2010 world finalists were The Tillegra Damned (Australia),  Experienced (Belgium), The River Raid (Brazil), Strangers (Indonesia), The Amazing Insurance Salesmen (China), Scarlletta (England), Bombers (Malaysia), ExNN (Moldova), Voodoo Vanity (Norway), White Walls (Romania), Luminasion (Thailand), and Magua (Ukraine).

Official broadcaster Astro Hitz (Astro channel 705) will air part one and two of the GBOB 2010 World Finals on 4 and 11 March respectively at 9 pm on Astro Hitz.

Photographer: © Gokul Kannaboy
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