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A Doctor in the House – The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Title: A Doctor in the House – The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
Author: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad
Publisher: MPH Group Publishing
ISBN: 9789675997228

In his twenty-two years as Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad transformed his country from an agricultural backwater into an industrial powerhouse that would become the seventeenth-largest trading nation in the world.

This remarkable achievement was not without controversy, and Dr Mahathir’s extraordinary vision and iron grip earned him both enemies as well as ardent admirers within and outside of Malaysia. He has been described—typically and paradoxically—as a tyrannical dictator, a bête noir, as well as inspiring, courageous and an outspoken defender of the downtrodden, the Third World, and moderate Islam.

At almost every turn Dr Mahathir rewrote the rules. This book reveals hitherto unknown aspects of this intensely private, but publicly bold, statesman. It provides a clear and compelling narrative of modern Malaysian political history as seen through the eyes of one its greatest shapers. It is neither apology nor defence, but a forceful, compelling and often exciting account of how Dr Mahathir achieved what he did in so short a time, and why.


Back Cover text
The West has called him recalcitran, racist, anti-Semitic and arrogant. The developing world, however, sees formoer Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a visionary champion, the rare leader who gave every Third World individual reason to stand tall. Even his harshest critics cannot deny that, above all else, he gave some of the most neglected countries courage, showing the way to a more hopeful future.

But it was not without controversy. His 22 years at the country’s helm has been characterized as both dictatorial and inspiring. Few leaders have been able to turn an entire country from a predominantly agrarian economy into an industrial powerhouse, fewer still have been able to do so within a short two decades.

Here, with surgical precision, Dr Mahathir explores a nuanced history and scrutinies his own role in the shaping of modern Malaysia.

There are total of 62 chapters spanning over 800 pages. Here are the chapters in the book:
Chapter 1  Becoming Prime Minister
Chapter 2  Family Values
Chapter 3  I Am A Malay
Chapter 4  The Story Of The Malays
Chapter 5  From Infatuation To Disillusionment
Chapter 6 A Wartime Entrepreneur
Chapter 7 Awakenings
Chapter 8 A Political Triumph
Chapter 9 The Emergency
Chapter 10 Going To Medical College
Chapter 11 An Alliance Is Born
Chapter 12 From Theory To Reality
Chapter 13 The Tunku Makes A Proposal
Chapter 14 The Bitter Thrill Of Politics
Chapter 15 Expelled
Chapter 16 In The Political Wilderness
Chapter 17 An Outsider’s Lament
Chapter 18 The Malay Dilemma
Chapter 19 UMNO Opens Its Doors
Chapter 20 Into The Deep End
Chapter 21 Up The Political Ladder
Chapter 22 A Dream Delivered, A Mentor Dies
Chapter 23 From Education To International Trade And Industry
Chapter 24 Frustrations Of Being Second In Command
Chapter 25 Reaching The Top
Chapter 26 From Ideas To Action
Chapter 27 How Government Works
Chapter 28 Bersih, Cekap, Amanah
Chapter 29 Looking East
Chapter 30 The Europeans
Chapter 31 Anwar Joins UMNO
Chapter 32 Realigning Malaysia In The World
Chapter 33 The Malaysianisation Of Companies
Chapter 34 Constitutional Amendments
Chapter 35 Equitable Affluence
Chapter 36 Islam and Islamisation
Chapter 37 Introducing Privatisation
Chapter 38 Revving Our Engines
Chapter 39 Daim Becomes Finance Minister
Chapter 40 A House Divided: Team A & Team B
Chapter 41 Ops Lalang
Chapter 42 The Judiciary
Chapter 43 Matter Of The Heart
Chapter 44 New Challenges, New Solutions
Chapter 45 Vision 2020
Chapter 46 Marketing Malaysia
Chapter 47 The Growth Of Asean
Chapter 48 Law And Order: Police, Politicians and The Public
Chapter 49 The Multimedia Super Corridor
Chapter 50 PETRONAS Twin Towers
Chapter 51 Putrajaya
Chapter 52 Currency Crumble
Chapter 53 Anwar’s Challenge
Chapter 54 1998: Great Games, Remarkable Gains
Chapter 55 Financial Crisis Fallout
Chapter 56 My Toughest Election
Chapter 57 9/11 And The Muslim World
Chapter 58 Education
Chapter 59 Resignation
Chapter 60 The OIC Furore
Chapter 61 Problems With Singapore
Chapter 62 Legacy And New Dilemmas

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