7:34 am - Friday May 26, 2017

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House Construction with Plastic Bottles

Do you remember the last time you bought a drink in a plastic bottle? Chances are that you threw away the bottle, without a second thought, when you were done. That’s what most of us do. Plastic is one of the most disposable materials...
Ernest Featured

Meet Ernest Zacharevic – grabbing attention through his street art

Lithuanian street artist, Ernest Zacharevic, is turning heads with his latest piece of work which highlights the problem of crime in the city of Johor Bahru. A permanent resident of Malaysia, the 27-year-old artist had painted a mural depicting...
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Indian American scientist designs blood clot detector

Dr Sangeeta Bhatia, a bioengineer and physician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has developed a urine test that could help detect blood clots. Impressed by the competence of modern urine testing which can detect  a range of conditions,...

Meet ‘Sweetie’, a virtual girl

This is Sweetie, a virtual girl created in order to nab potential child predator. Initiated by a Dutch child-rights organization, Terre des Homme, Sweetie is a computer-generated 10 year-old girl created in an attempt to nab adults who were...

Meet the man who lives without money

Meet Mark Boyle, a graduate who holds a a business and economics degree. For the past fifteen months, the Irishman has tried to live his life with no income, no bank balance and ultimately, no spending. He used to live in a perfect house, had...