6:59 am - Saturday June 24, 2017

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Short Film: Squad by Yugendren M. Maniam

BMW Shorties 2011 Entry. Also nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Editing.

Short Film: Short & Sweet by Balachandran S.K. Sivalingam

BMW Shorties 2011 Top 10 Finalist. Also nominated for Best Actor. Click HERE to vote

Short Film – Kaizen by Shanjey Kumar Perumal (BMW Shorties)

  Kaizen by Shanjey Kumar Perumal

Short film – STOP by Anisa Govindasamy

Synopsis Jenny is a young career-conscious woman in a race for money and success. In order to become the number one she puts her family and friends aside and focus on making her way to the top. Crushing everything on her way, she quickly gains...

Short film – Official Trip

Short film: Official Trip **Winner for Best Script PO11 Shorties**. Directed by Dino Sharti