6:58 am - Saturday June 24, 2017

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Short Film: Journey (பயணம்)

This story revolves two poor families who live in an estate somewhere in our country. These families have different conception on the way of life. “It’s purely Malaysian Journey…”. Video by Pioneers Mediaworks Facebook...

Short Film – ANBU ‘There are No Boundaries For Love’

Production: Dreams Vision Creation Direction, Editor and Story: R Punitan ScreenPlay: R Punitan &V.RajZ Cinematographer: V.RajZ Other Crew: G.T.Kumaran, Naresh, Raj Prem, Saran and Sathiya FB Page:  www.facebook.com/dreamsvisioncreation

Short Film: Enna Life!

Director, Screenplay, Editor: R.Punitan Assistant Director: Raj Prem Cinematographer: R.Punitan and V.Raj Production Designer: V.Raj and Naresh Special Sound Effect by: Vanahom Cast: Prem, Naresh, Vimel, Ram Pillai, G.T. Kumaran, Sathiya, Bose,...

Short Film – CHANCES by Kumanan Rajendran

Chances (short film) from Kumanan Rajendran on Vimeo. Written and Directed by Kumanan Rajendran Starring: Nadesh Ganabaskaran, Tarrina Hussein, Neoh XM, Rathana Martin & Ravin Jaykumar DOP: Abdul Hadi Yusof Editor: Mohamed Hilmi Hanifa P.R.O:...

Short Film: Life Goes On by Kartigeyan

Written and Directed by Kartigeyan Segaran Starring– Ashwin Shaun, Casandra Sebastian & Kumanan Rajendran DOP- Kirthana Sivanyanam Editor-Kartigeyan Segaran Script- Kumanan Rajendran & Kirthana Sivanyanam