10:54 am - Sunday April 30, 2017

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Short Film: Teaser of Vizagk

KURUVI UNITY production Co-production: THE RISING LEGENDS production Editing : NANTHA Cinemaphotographer : DHILIP Stunt: SURIYA Art Director: PAALA G.Designer : YARSHU Ass.Director : KOGHI Director : NANTHA Cast - SURIYA, KOGHI , PAALA, NANTHA,...
Naan Thirudan  I'm a Thief

Short Film: Naan Thirudan / I’m a Thief by Kuben Mahadevan

Naan Thirudan / I’m a Thief is a very simple suspense drama based on a true story. Please watch it in HD with a good sound system/speakers for the best viewing satisfaction.

Short Film: Endrum Nee by Json Jay

Cast: Json and Esha Photography : VimelRaj DVC Cinematography : VimelRaj DVC and R Punitan DVC Story and ScreenPlay : Json Assistant Director : Mizta Saran DVC Editor and Director : R Punitan DVC Producer : Json Jay R Punitan= http://www.facebook.com/rpunitan Vimel= http://www.facebook.com/vrajz Json= http://www.facebook.com/JsonJay Mizta...

Short Film: VELECHAAM by R.Azizan

Velechaam’ is a story about Kartik who have been undergoing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder after the death of his Ex-lover. During his examination in hospital Kartik have been experiencing flashbacks and nightmares with the projection...

Short Film: Muthal Naal Indru by Karthik Shamalan

Short Film ‘Muthal Naal Indru’, A re-imagination of Spanish short film ‘How I Met Your Father’ with added stories. A tale about a mother who reflects back at the very first day she met her husband when she was a prostitute...