7:34 am - Friday May 26, 2017

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Short Film: Nitharsanam

S.O.G Production & MARSK Nation Production proudly presents NITHARSANAM (The Reality)Cast: Navin Raaj murugan,Jegan Reddy Ramakrishnan,Khausalya Chandar Direction: Komagan Madhavan Story & Screenplay: Yogeneswari Vellusamy Dialogue:...

Short Film: Maya Roobanggal | A Martin Raj Shortfilm

Maya Roobanggal a Malaysian psychological thriller short film written and directed by Martin Raj. The short film has been produced by Veracity Vision Production. The film’s DI & DCP Digital Cinema Mastering was done by Maraz Ravi...

Trailer: Maya Roobanggal | A Martin Raj Shortfilm

Maya Roobanggal is a psychological thriller which follows Noel an individual who is in pursuit of success. All hell breaks loose one day when he crosses path with a stranger who in turn steals his identity. Written & Directed by: MARTIN...

Short Film: Nalla Vayan Naara Vayan

Nallavayan Naravayan is a short film based on the ordinary young man who has been trapped by a MLM agent. This is the first attempt by the Red Foxy Films team. Nallavayan Naravaayan won 3 awards in MISSOF 2014 for the Best Director, Best Cinematographer...

Short Film: Sethu