7:35 am - Friday May 26, 2017

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Jmal Hey Penney

Jmal – Hey Penney feat. Lady Kash and Krissy

Jmal has released the fourth singles, Hey Penney, from his upcoming album – Isai Yen Ulagam (Music Is My World). Jmal collaborated with Singapore’s Lady Kash and Krissy, famous for working with A.R Rahman in the track Semmozhiyaana...
SE Boyz

Montreal’s SE Boyz reveals album with latest release

Montreal’s SE Boyz have released their latest single, Ragasiyamai, from their upcoming debut album Good Morning. Over the past few months, the Montreal music collective was rather mum about their releases and out of the blue, SE Boyz...
Sivashankar Shan

En Vaazhkai Neeye – a melodious tune

Rhythmic R3volutionZ has released their debut single, En Vaazhkai Neeye featuring Sudhanesh Unpluggers and Pavithra Nagaretnam on vocals. Composed by Sivashankar, the founder of Rhythmic R3volutionZ, En Vaazhkai Neeye has been slowly making...
Eh Yo-Promo

Shruthi J & Aanantha THR – Eh Yo (Promo Video)

Shruthi J and Aanantha THR speaks about their latest track titled ‘Eh Yo’ together with Saran Narayanan and Zalee. Stay tuned with us for more info. Check out the videos below and let us know what you think: Eh Yo – Promo...
TS Prod

TS Prod releases new single!

French-based Tamil group TS Prod (or formerly known as Tamil Sound Production) has released their latest single – Iravodu Kanavugal. Formed in 2006, the melodious Tamil group consists of Meera B, Vassan, Thars, Jaytown and Sam. TS Prod...