6:50 am - Saturday June 24, 2017

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Passport Maniam – Teaser 1

Movie: Passport Maniam Director: Kannan Thiagarajan Producer: Jay Ratnesh Produced by: Sun Ray Pictures Sdn Bhd Visual Effects: Chain-Fx Sdn Bhd Theme Song: Ask Me Again

Gandhi Movie Trailer

Most awaited malaysian movie for this coming thaipusam 2012. A movie directed by Ben-g

Puthiya Payanam – Teaser

This story shows about a student who is going through hardship in his life due to several reasons and how opportunities help him to knock down his miseries away. Will he succeed or not ? Wait and Watch!! Direction : Roshan Produced by : Roshan...

Muthal Naal Indru Trailer

Written & Directed by :Karthik Shamalan Music by: Jose Franklin Cinematography by: Sk Satya, Karthik Shamalan Editing: KS Cast: Ranesh, Jaya, PD Sara, Easwari Produced by : S Cape Imagination & W Four V Productions

K-I-D-N-A-P – Promo Trailer

” The Thriller & Stylish ” – A team hunting on a girl for a satisfaction of their life. Many characters involve complicating the case and there is how the police trying to solve the case, but are the police really involve...