7:25 am - Friday May 26, 2017

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SHE’S A KILLER – Stylez Unit (UK)

SHE’S A KILLER – Stylez Unit (UK) Music by:Charles Bosco Lyric by:Dayan Shan and Stylez unit Video by:Eternal Icon Stylez unit fan page: http://www.facebook.com/STYLEZ.UNIT Cinematographer : S.Santhan Lighting : Shobhan Special appearance: Mystro...
Jessen Periasamy Yen Kaadhale

Interview with Jessen Periasamy – the Tamil music composer from Mauritius

Ever heard of the Mauritian Tamil music scene? If you haven’t then this will interest you. Mauritius-based musician, Jessen Periasamy, has recently released his new song, Yen Kaadhale, which is accompanied by a video. Mauritius is an island...

ADK strikes with Goka Pearu

Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam (ADK) has released his latest music video titled Goka Pearu featuring Saranga Dinesh. Presented by Causeway Paints Sri Lanka, the music video is directed by Malaysian duo Sree Sonic and Swagadee. Different from the...
Ella Naalum Thumbnail

Sujeeth G is back with Ella Naalum

Sujeeth G, the rapping lyricist, has released his latest music video – Ella Naalum. The first Tamil rapper based in UK, Sujeeth G is known for his aggressive vocals and poetic lyrics. Having already released 4 albums, the latest being...
Brown Jack - Uyire

Brown Jack releases Uyire

Brown Jack, from the Canada-based music collective, SE Boyz, has released his latest music video, Uyire. The music is produced by Singam and Uyire was penned down by Europe-based lyricist, Dayan Shan. The video was produced by Barking Mad Productions....