6:29 pm - Thursday June 22, 2017

Akshaya by Quest International University Perak (QIUP)


This inter-varsity 1Malaysia themed event is organized by the QIUP Hindu Society in conjunction with the Indian Traditional New Year. 

Ancient Indian games like kabadi and uriyadi will test your strength and agility to its limits! Traditional competitions such as kolam/ponggal competition and thoranam competition will challenge your creativity! There even is a sugarcane eating competition for all those who dare stomach it! After a long day of sweaty games, what better way to cool down than to pour colored powder onto each other in our Holi War. And to top it off, with beautiful dance performances by our very own QIUP students.

Students of all races and religion are welcome to join, as “Akshaya” is a 1Malaysia themed event. Please do not miss this exciting celebration with games galore and awesome performances to keep you entertained throughout the entire day.

You will never notice the time flying..

1 Malaysia Kabadi – Kabadi is an ancient Indian team game. Two teams, each having 5 or 7 in court players, compete with each other to get higher scores. Individual brilliance is exhibited when a player raids the opponent’s court. The team spirit, the team togetherness and team strategy comes into play when an opponent raider enters your court. According to Hindu epic Mahabharata, Arjuna had a unique talent in the game of Kabadi.Techalities of Kabadi can be seen during a battle when Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was stuck in Chakravyuha.

1 Malaysia Uriyadi – Uri (pot) is hung up on a pole. The rope connecting the Uri is kept on a pulley and organisers will draw this rope high and low standing at a distance.The player comes in for breaking the Uris. At this time people surround him and sprinkle water on him to divert his attention. The Uriyadi will be completed when player breaks the uri with a stick. In Hindu epic Bhagavat Gita, the gopis will play uriyadi with Lord Krishna during any happy occasions.

1 Malaysia Kolam & Ponggal Making competition – Kolam is a form of painting or design drawn using rice flour on floors to invite the Goddess of Wealth, Mahalakshmi. While Ponggal is a sweet rice cooked using brown sugar, rice and milk and Ponggal also means overflowing, so the rice is cookea after the milk boils and overflows. This sweet dish is cooked to thank Lord Suryan when the sun travels from one rashi to another. The team that does the most delicious ponggal and most beautiful kolam wins the competition.

1 Malaysia Thoranam competition – Thoranam is a weaved young coconut leave that is hung during any auspicious event is house or temple to invite the God to grace the event. The team who makes the most beautiful and most number of thoranams win the competition.

1 Malaysia Sugar cane eating competition – Sugar cane is a sacred plant in Hinduism. Goddess Kamakshi holds sugar cane in her left hand and sugar juice is used to bath Hindu God statues in temple. Sugar cane is encouraged to be eaten to strengthen the teeth and to energize our body. In this competition, the participant who eats the most sugar cane in a given time wins the competition.

1 Malaysia Holi Wars – Holi is a game played by the gopis with Lord Krishna and his wife Radha in Brindavan using coloured powder during spring season. In this competition, each team will be provided with a pail of coloured powder and they will sprinkle the coloured powder to the opponent team. The team members wil less coloured powder will be the winner.

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