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ADK marks his success with Aaryan – Music Video (Sri Lanka)

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Aaryan, an international Tamil album with an international touch.

ADK (Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam) has released his second solo album – Aaryan. The album was released on 14 July 2012 in an international scale, ranging from Sri Lanka, India, Europe, Singapore and Malaysia. The album has released to positive reviews with many citing the album is best to date from ADK. Previously, ADK released his first solo album, Thamila, in 2008. He first entered in the Sri Lankan music industry with Cross Culture, a collaborative album with Gajan in 2006. Following from the success of that album, he released Thamila, his first solo album, achieving great success, thus making him a pioneer in the Tamil rap scene among Sri Lankan artists. The success of Thamila, particularly the track Surangaani, resulted in ADK collaborating with Vijay Anthony to remake the track into Aathichudi, thus resulting in ADK making his debut in the thriving South Indian movie industry. His distinct voice made him a recognizable voice which eventually landed him more singing roles in the South Indian movie industry.

Following from that, in 2010 ADK worked with London-based music composer Charles Bosco to produce another collaboration album – SL2SG. The success of SL2SG landed the duo as music composers for the South Indian yet-to-be released movie Vayasu 18, which stars Renigunta fame, Johnny. This also marks the first time a Sri Lankan duo has worked in a South Indian film. In 2011, ADK founded his own record company, Antostage Music & Entertainment with Arul Kitherian. The record company released their first compilation album ‘Whatelse’ which also features ADK and other Indian musicians.

ADK has a strong following from the Tamil diaspora, particularly in Europe, Singapore and Malaysia due to the constant success of his songs, particularly Kuruvi, Nagara Veytai, Aathichudi and Suraangani. Thus, it is only apt for this international Tamil rapper to release his latest venture in an international scale. Aaryan is nothing short of world music as the album consists of artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and Australia. This indicates the strength of Tamil artists in their respective local scenes and their musical influences in Aaryan as the album hosts a number of music genres, such as New Age Hip Hop, Electro and RnB.

In Malaysia, the album, Aaryan, is distributed by Psycho. Unit Asia, who recently won the best Indian group in Malaysia in VIMA 2012. Responsible for many chart toppers, Psycho Unit. Asia is currently a leading music group in the Malaysian Indian music scene for their creative mind and ‘shocking’ songs. The first singles from Aaryan, Hollaback Muniamma, which also features Rabbit. Mac is a certified hit for its constant airplay. Aaryan is indeed one of the best Tamil albums of 2012 and it is available nationwide in all leading Indian music stores in Malaysia. Do get your original copy and support independent artists.

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